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Actor's Toolbox

The Actor's ToolBox is a multi-use box that every actor should own! This 13" toolbox is perfect for taking all of your dressing station needs to your next gig. Whether you are walking the streets of Manhattan or flying halfway around the world, this little box has all the tools you need!

Actor's ToolBox Pricing:

Lead's Box (13" Box) = $30 Basic Package

Lead's Box (13" Box) = $45 Star Package

Understudy's Box (9" Box)      = $10

Swing's Box (6.5" Box)            = $7

*Does not include S&H/Tax

Actor's ToolBoxes Include:

Lead's Box Basic Package: Toolbox, Nail Grooming Kit, Mic Tape, Make-up Wedges, Cotton Balls, Cotton Swabs, Cotton Pads, Band-Aids, Bobby Pins, Safety Pins, Pencil Sharpener, Wash Cloth, Comb, Black Eye Liner.

Lead's Box Star Package: All of the Basic Package + Basic Make-up Brushes, Advil, Spray Bottle,  Lemon Tea, Throat Coat Tea, Tide Stick.

Understudy's Box: Box, Makeup Wedges, Cotton Balls, Cotton Swabs, Cotton Pads, Band-Aids,  Bobby Pins, Safety Pins

Swing's Box: Box, Makeup Wedges, Cotton Balls, Cotton Pads,  Bobby Pins, Safety Pins

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*Disclaimer: In no way, shape, or form do these products guarantee callbacks or employment offers. SpikemarK is not responsible or liable for the outcome of any auditions with the use of our products.