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Custom Cuts

Have an audition cut you want made?

Already have one Frankenstein-ed together?

Accompanists just not playing it the right way?

Have not fear, SpikemarK's Custom Cuts are here!

Want an audition cut made from scratch, optimized or just cleaned up? We can do that! We create personalized audition cuts for each person. Whether it is simply separating the cut from the existing sheet music or creating brand new cuts from scratch, we got your back! 

Custom Cuts Pricing:

From Scratch = $25

Edit/Optimized = $20 

Cleaned Up      = $18

Full Book Retype/Rework = Project Dependent

Time Frame:

Standard = 3-5 days

Rush = 1-2 days


*Rush jobs will incur an extra $10 fee

All Custom Cuts come with MP3 Tracks!

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*Disclaimer: In no way, shape, or form do these products guarantee callbacks or employment offers. SpikemarK is not responsible or liable for the outcome of any auditions with the use of our products.