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Actor | Singer | Tapper

Master Classes

(Each class will be tailored to each group. Inquire HERE about booking a master class!)

  • Dance Master Classes:

    • The SpongeBob Musical (Tap, MT, and/or Hip Hop)

    • Musical Theatre Tap (Golden Age -> Modern)

      • Students will be led through a warmup routine, taught a combination, and will perform that combo in small groups to allow for corrections and improvements.​

  • Swings, Understudies and Covers, Oh My!

    • Most new actors start out in the ensemble but there is more to that group than meets the eye. Many of the ensemblists have multiple responsibilities including studying extra rolls in the show. In this workshop we will take a look at the different types of positions within an ensemble, different methods of studying and organizing, and figure out what tools are effective for the individual. 

  • Audition Coaching:

    • Students will present their audition pieces (Songs or Monologues) and receive feedback to help them improve. We will also go over audition protocols, techniques and professionalism. This masterclass can be set up as a full day workshop or a shorter workshop. Each workshop includes a Q&A at the end as a wrapup and overview.

  • Optimizing Audition Cuts (Audition Materials and Prepping your Book)

    • How to create an effective and efficient audition book that is catered to not only the actor’s strengths but sets them up for optimal success. This includes working the physical sheet music to best be set up for the pianist and for consistency across different pianists. ​ 


  • Q&As:

    • Question and Answer sessions on various subjects.

      • (Touring, Theatrical industry, College Theatre Programs, etc.) 

        • Open to options not listed.​

Coming Soon:

  • Basic Finances for Actors (How to Save for your Future & Make Ends Meet):

    • As a young actor, you probably won’t be making anything close to the Broadway Production League minimum. With this workshop we explore tips, tricks and strategies to save money for your future.​​

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